Warmer in winter, Cooler in summer, Less Condensation

Metro Building provides a comprehensive double glazing service, whether you are building a new home or retro-fitting to the FIRST suite. As well as the FIRST suite, we can retro-fit most aluminium windows.

Double glazing consists of 2 pieces of glass separated by an air space or argon gas.


Glass is not a very good insulator. Air on the other hand is a very good insulator. Double Glazing (Insulating Glass Units; IGU) retains much more heat in a room during winter reducing heat loss and saving energy. In summer, with the use of Low-E glass, they reduce heat gain, glare and fading, and increase air conditioning efficiency.


One of the main benefits of using double glazing is the reduction in the amount of condensation. Condensation forms when warm air containing moisture meets a cold window surface: if the conditions are right ‘dew point’ is reached and condensation forms. However with double glazing the inner pane remains substantially warmer than with single glazing, therefore reducing the occurance of condensation.


Double glazing is harder to break than single glass, and if it does break then the shards normally stay in place after breakage, increasing security.

Other benefits of double glazing

Saves energy costs by reducing heat-loss in winter and heat-gain in summer

Reduces condensation

Reduces noise for a calmer, quieter home

Discourages intruders, giving security and peace of mind

Can be retro-fitted into most existing window systems

Allows more wall area to be glazed

Enhances resale value