What does glass do for you?

Glass is more than just something to look through. The range of glass types available allows you to match a glass that will function to your requirements. Below are some of the things you need to consider when specifying the glass for your aluminium joinery.

How do you control and minimise the fading of your furniture and materials due to UV and other harsh lights?
How do you minimise heat loss in the winter, and keep cool in the summer?
What will reduce the amount of noise coming through your windows?
What type of glass gives the best strength and security measures for your home?
What can reduce the occurrence of condensation?

The Unseen Issue: Fading

Fading is the enemy for any homemaker or interior designer. Furniture, drapes, carpets and even photographs come under attack from sunlight, heat and UV radiation. However, fading can be significantly reduced by the installation of appropriate glass. The use of Tinted Glass , Reflective Glass , or Low-E Glass reduces the amount of UV, visible light and heat that pass through the glass, thus reducing the rate of fading.
The use of Laminated Glass can absorb up to 99% of the damaging UV radiation, and these can also be tinted to control light and heat transmission. It is possible to combine these glasses to further enhance the properties of your glazing.